A Weekend Somewhere


Here I sit on my remote outlook position.
Watching the world and those people in it.
They don’t have a clue, but I can see them.
Merging with the forest, I hear his voice.
He is calling my name.
Joggers and retired old ladies are passing my view.
The soundscape now swallows me up.
Hundreds of birds, bees and mosquitos flying
And the noise of the city nearby buzzing in my head.
I’ll head over to the cemetery…


This is some quiet and akward place.
Colourful in grief.
I walk slowly and calm.
The people watch wakefully.
Now they can see me.
Their voices are everywhere now.
I should sneak out of here.
There shall be a road over there somehow…


The road wasn’t far.
A thin line streaming towards the city limits.
I make a quick escape through the suburbs.
And pass the vibrating border…


This place chews me up.
I don’t hear the noise first.
But then it hits me.
What are all these people up to.
The main road is sterile.
These beings are gross.
They are haunting towards me.
The city lights glow darker now.

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